Our concept focuses on the consumer instead of the expert. BI becomes efficient when it is easy to use, visual, available and coherent. We extend your existing BI with interactive dashboards available for everyone on any device!

GADD Software Introduction

“A Better Way”

Meet John, a happy financial manager, and Jane, a happy sales manager, in their quest to improve their company´s routines for analyzing data.

A Better Way: Episode 1 – GADD Analytics

Meet John – a happy financial manager at a fast growing retail company! He uses GADD Analytics, an out-of-the-box-solution for analyzing data, e.g. sales.

A Better Way: Episode 2 – Sales Analytics Campaign

In the second episode of “A Better Way” John and his colleagues are using GADD Sales Analytics to prepare, monitor and follow up a campaign.

A Better Way: Episode 3 – Sales Analytics Multi-Channel Strategy

In the third episode of “A Better Way” you will meet Jane. She is a happy Sales Manager at a large retail company that recently implemented a multi-channel selling strategy. They have just agreed on the main KPI:s for growing the business; “number of visitors”, “conversion rate”, “average ticket” and “add-on sales on the most profitable products”. Now they are going to use these in the coming marketing activity. And to follow up the marketing activity they are using Sales Analytics!

A Better Way: Episode 4 – Sales Analytics KPI and forecast

Meet John again – he is still a happy Financial Manager! A while ago his company implemented GADD Accounting Analytics. Something that completely has changed the awareness of the Key Performance Indicators in the company and has facilitated the forecast process.


GADD Analytics, Web Dashboard & Portal

View our short  videos showing how the Dashboard Portal works using GADD Sales Analytics as samples.

GADD Sales Analytics – Dashboard Portal

GADD Dashboard Portal on the web is easy to access and easy to use. This video is presenting a demoversion of GADD Sales Analytics Dashboard Portal.

GADD Sales Analytics – Using a Web Dashboard

Using GADD Dashboards on the web is easy. This video will introduce you to e.g. filter, drill down, multi select and export to Excel.

In terms of actual use, simply insert a dvd and start handbrake