Sales Analytics and Multi-channel selling

New video!
In this new episode of “A Better Way” you will meet Jane. She is a happy Sales Manager at a large retail company that recently implemented a multi-channel selling strategy. They have just agreed on the main KPI:s for growing the business; “number of visitors”, “conversion rate”, “average ticket” and “add-on sales on the most profitable products”. Now they are going to use these in the coming marketing activity. And to follow up the marketing activity they are using Sales Analytics!

Information to everybody, solving the puzzle

John and his colleagues are happy sales managers and controllers at a fast growing company.

But they haven’t always been as happy as they are today. Before they had to spend a lot of time doing weekly reports. Number of stores and data sources increased. More people wanted to have information. And so many different devices. PC, Tablet, Smartphone.

There must be a better way! They talked to friends at another company and gather around the round table. What should we do?

They gathered around the table. There where light, they got an idea, they solved the puzzle!
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