GADD Dashboard Builder & Server

Here are videos and exercises of the GADD Dashboard Builder.  Please also see the whitepapers.

GADD Dashboard Exercises

GADD Dashboard

View videos how to use a dashboard via web browser.

GADD Dashboard Express, Builder tutorial

These videos show new features in latest release:

These videos introduces you to the basic features:

  • Dashboard Sample 1. How to; Grid, Pie, Open, Data Items Values & Arguments, Duplicate Pie, Master Filter, Format Columns, Edit Names, Preview. (2 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 2. How to; Grid, Pie, Chart, Drill-down, Delta, Design Chart, Undo, Convert To Gauges, Cards, Card Settings. (2 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 3. How to; Range filter, Top & Bottom, Settings defining data source selection criteria, View in Browser, Title. (3 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 4. How to; Choropleth Map, Range filter. (2 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 5. How to; Create connection to MS Excel file. How to; Grid, Master filter, Delta, Range filter. Dimension organization and product. (3 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 6. How to; Create connection to MS SQL Server. Grid, Master filter, Delta. Dimension organization, product and time. (4 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 7. How to; Create a new dashboard using connection to MS SQL Server. Grid, Chart, Range filter, Design, Title. (8 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 8. How to; Compare year using calculated fields. Create calculated fields and use Iif() & GetYear(). And some more as we go along. (5 min)
  • Dashboard Sample 9. Tips and tricks and miscellaneous.  (5 min)

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