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You have the business knowledge and experience of your domain. Our BI product portfolio makes it possible to quickly provide the required solution. Together we make it happen.

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Upptec develops valuation systems for insurance companies. Their product Upptec Assure is a user friendly tool that enables quicker handling and increased efficiency in the handling of customer´s claims. Visit Upptec »

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ProduceValue executes complex sales for our principals who are international/national software companies with focus on Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence or Merchandising planning with no or limited presence on the Nordic market. We have engaged with a few leading partners for delivering world class consulting/support services for relevant processes within SCM. Our target end customers are companies within the Nordics primary within retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
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Logistikkutvikling is a Norwegian consultancy company delivering modern, user friendly and cost effective solutions for supply chain end-to-end improvements or within specific functions. Our consultants are combining several years of management experience as CLO or CFO with close cooperation with leading solution providers. Our main concern is preparing feasibility studies where all elements are included, such as cost benefit analyses. We always place the customers demand first!
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PCS develops and markets leading industry-specific systems with high functionality and reliability in areas such as bakery and deli meats. Their products PCS WinBag, PCS WinChark and Flavour are leading products on the Swedish market. Visit PCS » and try the PCS GADD dashboard demo »

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Sigma is a leading consulting group with the objective to make customers more competitive. Their means are technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. Sigma has a total of 6,000 employees. Together with Sigma we have implemented GADD Software Business Intelligence solutions, used in the daily operations, in one of Sweden´s largest multinaltional retail companies. Visit Sigma »

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Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services and local professional services. Present in over 40 countries with more than 130,000 employees. Together with Capgemini we maintain GADD Software Business Intelligence solutions, used in the daily operations, in one of Sweden´s largest multinaltional retail companies.
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