Sales Analytics

Complete analysis of your sales information.

Sales Analytics is our solution for analyzing sales, using receipt and order information. Sales Analytics includes functionality for analyzing sales and display the result in web dashboards. The result can be presented in different dimensions and on different detail levels using different navigation possibilities, e.g. drill down and filtering. If postal code is available sales can be visualized on maps, e.g. static area, pie, bubble shape maps and high resolution streaming. The dashboards and maps can be used on any device, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and salesboard. The Sales Analytics solution can be made even more complete by extending it with additional business modules, e.g. Marketing, Web Traffic and Customer, in order to get a complete picture of your company´s sales.

Use Sales Analytics for:

  • Sales per unit, business area, product area, article, day, week and month
  • Compare sales between units, weeks and time of day etc
  • Trend analysis, complete ticket information and average ticket
  • Analysis on own defined KPI:s or pre-defined standard KPI:s
  • Follow up activity articles, e.g. campaigns
  • Sales Affinity (Basket Analysis), e.g. customer purchase patterns, cross sales, add-on sales and strikes

The advantages with Sales Analytics are:

  • It is easy to get started with Sales Analytics Express, an out-of-the-box version of Sales Analytics including basic functionality for sales and sales affinity analysis.
  • Sales Analytics can be extended using additional Business Modules.
  • Sales Analytics can be customized both regarding the design of Business Modules and dashboards as well as Enterprise Features.
  • Sales Analytics can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with a company´s existing solution.
  • Sales Analytics is developed on GADD Software Platform using the latest Microsoft Technology.
  • Interfaces for retrieving data are included.
  • Pre-defined dashboards are included.
  • Tool for building dashboards is included.

Watch our video about Sales Analytics:

Sales Analytics Express

Sales Analytics Express includes a selection of functionality for analyzing sales and sales affinity, and is an easy way to get started. Sales Analytics Express includes the Main Startup Package, readymade dashboards and interfaces for retrieving data.

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Extend with Additional Business Modules

It is easy to extend the Sales Analytics solution by adding relevant Business Modules, e.g.:

  • Marketing: e.g. opened email, clicked links and bounce rate in E-mail marketing
  • Web Traffic: e.g.: visits, visitors, checkouts, search words and product displays
  • Customer: e.g. geographic location, customer category, age group, gender and marketing category

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Customizing Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics can be customized regarding the design of Business Modules and dashboards. The extent of customization can vary from small adjustments in a dashboard to major changes in a Business Module.

The GADD Software Platform as well as the Business Modules can also be extended using Enterprise Features to meet specific business requirements, e.g. login and security.

Customizing Portals, Dashboards and Business Modules

Sales Analytics can be customized to match the company´s requirements in several ways, e.g.:

  • The dashboard portal can be designed according to the company´s graphical profile
  • The dashboard portal can be integrated in the company´s intranet
  • Dashboards can be added and changed in order to meet new demands
  • Relevant Business Rules can be implemented
  • Branch specific data can be added

Customization using Enterprise Features

GADD Software Platform and Business Modules can be extended using Enterprise Features. Enterprise Features can be used as is and also customized to meet specific business requirements. You will experience easy integration, advanced customization and quick implementation. GADD integration components form an essential part of our Enterprise Features and are open to integrate to your existing environment and solutions. GADD Uploader is one important component used for data exchange and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load).

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GADD Software Platform and Sales Analytics:


More Information:

Sales Analytics 1.9 Introduction (pdf)

Sales Analytics 1.9 Release Info (pdf)


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