Our Platform

Efficient and interactive dashboards increase the value of your business data.

Our Platform, GADD Analytics, consists of Platform Tools, Enterprise Features and Business Modules.

The Platform Tools include tools for upload, consolidate and calculate data, build dashboards and publish dashboards on the web as well as on a sales board. The platform can be extended using Enterprise Features in order to meet specific business requirements. By adding GADD Analytics Business Modules to the platform you can increase the use of your business data. Our most extensive module is Sales Analytics, but our platform can be used for analyzing any data, e.g. within operations like Marketing, Web Statistics, Customer, Logistics, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Accounting and Case Management.

Our platform is developed based on firsthand experience using best practice. Microsoft technology, powerful 3rd party components and an open architecture makes integration and customization easy.

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Platform Tools

Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder includes tools for building dashboards and make advanced ad-hoc analysis. The tools are generic and can be connected to any data source; SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV file. Dashboard Builder is included in the start-up-kit GADD Dashboard Express and you can get started on your own. Build your own dashboards and explore them in your web browser. Creating dashboards cannot be easier and you have your first in less than 10 minutes. Easy to learn and simple to publish via the Dashboard Server.

Use Dashboard Builder for:

  • Beautiful and interactive dashboards with filter and drill-down.
  • Combine elements as pivot, grid, chart, maps, cards, gauges and other gadgets and make them interact.
  • Connect to any data source.
  • SQL Server, Analysis Services or to your personal MS Access or MS Excel files.
  • Oracle, MySQL or any common data engine.
  • Publish them via the GADD Dashboard Server and use them via the web browser.

Download Dashboard Builder >>

Dashboard Server

Dashboard Server includes tools for publishing dashboards on the web so that information reaches out to all without complex local installations and expensive user licenses. The tools are generic and can be connected to any data source; SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV file.Make your BI available for all employees and accomplish true operative business intelligence. Publish your dashboards on the web to be available on PC, Mac, tablet and smart phone. Achive true operative business intelligence.

Use Dashboard Server for:

  • Beautiful dashboards everywhere.
  • Easy to learn and simple to publish.
  • TV screen with automatic update and publishing.
  • Integrate with latest Microsoft technology on server side, desktop and the web.
  • Grow to thousands of users.
  • User directory to restricted dashboards and statistics on usage.


Uploader is used to load data into GADD Data Storage. Uploader supports the ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and data loaded into GADD Data Storage can be transformed regarding e.g. change of data type, data wash and calculations according to business rules.

Use Uploader for:

  • Upload data from MS Excel file.
  • Consolidate existing data in GADD Data Storage with e.g. campaign data in an MS Excel file.
  • Upload data from other data bases e.g. data warehouse, sales system or other type of systems.
  • Scheduled to automate upload of data and data exchange.


Salesboard includes tools for creating a series of dashboards presented in intervals with continuously updated real-time data, for example on a TV screen in the staff canteen. Generic tools that can be connected to any data source; SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV file.

Use Salesboard for:

  • Getting data from sales, customer service and logistic system in real-time without delay.
  • Scheduling data retrieval in a flexible way.
  • MS SQL Server as data storage.
  • Getting real-time data from the sales, customer service and logistic system.
  • Consolidating real-time metrics with defined goals as e.g. sales budget and KPI’s.
  • Automatically update the dashboard content every 10 minutes or more frequent if needed.
  • Web based dashboards for displaying and analyzing data.
  • Display on TV screen using web based dashboards.

More Information:

GADD Analytics 1.9  Introduction (pdf)
GADD Dashboard & Introduction (pdf)
GADD Dashbord Express product sheet (pdf)
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Download Dashboard Builder

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