Sales Analytics Express

An out-of-the-box product for analyzing your sales.

Sales Analytics Express is an out-of-the-box- product for analyzing your sales, using receipt and order information. Integration and customization are the keys to make it easy. Integrated with your store and eCommerce systems, sales information is consolidated into an omni-channel data warehouse. Sales Analytics Express uses algorithms that process the information to the proper level. For example algorithms to identify trends and opportunities for additional sales are included. The results are published in the ready-made dashboards so that everyone can benefit from the power of Sales Analytics Express from their computer, tablet, smartphone or TV screen in the staff canteen.

Sales Analytics Express includes the basic functionality of our more extensive business module Sales Analytics.

Use Sales Analytics Express for:

  • Sales on products per unit, date, time-of-day to compare e.g. dates, units, weekdays etc.
  • Analysis on tickets (orders and/or receipts) average, min/max amounts and quantities.
  • Trend detection on products, product area and unit to find what products are trending up and down.
  • Average ticket, quantities and strike on selected products.
  • Analysis of sales activities, e.g. campaigns.
  • Market basket analysis to analyze customer purchase patterns, e.g. customers that purchase product X, what other products do they also purchase?

GADD Software Platform and Sales Analytics Express:


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