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Sales Analytics Express is an out-of-the-box product that makes it easy to get started with analyzing your sales, using receipt and order information. Integrated with the store system the recepit and order information can easily be gathered and stored in a data warehouse. Sales Analytics Express includes the basic functionality of Sales Analytics. Read more >>
Sales Analytics is our solution for analyzing sales, using receipt and order information. Sales Analytics includes functionality for analyzing sales and display the result in web dashboards. The result can be presented in different dimensions and on different detail levels using different navigation possibilities, e.g. drill down and filtering. If postal code is available sales can be visualized on maps, e.g. static area, pie, bubble shape maps and high resolution streaming. Read more >>
Business Modules With GADD Business Modules you can increase the use of your business data. You can steer the access and make relevant information available in dashboards on the web so that the analysis can be done on the computer, tablet or smartphone at any time. Our business modules include e.g. HR, QA, Accounting, Case Management, Web Traffic and Logistics. Read more>>
Enterprise Features GADD Software Platform and Business Modules can be extended using Enterprise Features. Enterprise Features can be used as is and also customized to meet specific business requirements. You will experience easy integration, advanced customization and quick implementation. Read more>>
Our Platform includes tools for upload/consolidate/calculate data (ETL), build dashboards and publish dashboards on the web as well as on a salesboard. Our platform tools are generic and can be connected to any data source; SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV file. Read more>>