Our Company

GADD Software develops and sells solutions that gather critical business information, process the information and publish the result in efficient and interactive web dashboards, available for everyone using a web browser on any device. We extend your existing BI in order to empower all employees with relevant business information, catalyzing decisions leading to quicker improvements.

Watch the introduction video about our vision, concept, idea of BI and more:

Our idea of BI and our way forward

We believe in operational BI.

  • Our concept focus on the consumer instead of the expert.
  • Our belief is that BI becomes efficient when it is easy to use, visual, available and coherent.
  • Integration and customization is the key to make things easy.
  • We started with sales information and logistic KPI’s and moved on to HR, eCommerce and QA at one of the largest multinational company in Sweden.
  • Now we expand and make our products and platform available for additional companies.

Why measure?

As we see it there are many reasons why measuring and analyzing business information.

  • Why? In order to improve we need to know.
  • Where? Everywhere we meet the customer.
  • What? Everything that has effect on the customer experience.
  • Who? Everybody because all count and make a difference.
  • How? The best way we can.

“Why Measure? The meaning of measuring according to us!”

Why use our solutions?

We are passionate in what we do and can, through our long experience within BI, offer you solutions that help you to:

  • Establish awareness on key KPI:s
  • Guide and steer operational focus
  • Get tighter and quicker feedback loops
  • Empower to improve
  • Get control of information flow



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