Our BI Concept

Our BI Concept combines the best of three worlds; Microsoft Technology, powerful 3rd party components and an open architecture. This allows us to customize your BI solution to excellence and integrate to perfection. You don´t have to make a total makeover of your existing IT platform – you invest only in the functionality you need. And since it is an open architecture other BI tools can be an integrated part of the solution.

Choosing BI Concept for your company can be tricky. Our concept is proven to be appreciated by managers as well as co-workers in the daily operations in one of Sweden´s largest retail companies.

Download: Choosing BI Concept for your Company (pdf)

Microsoft Technology

Our solutions are developed using Microsoft Technology, e.g.  SQL Server, Analysis Services, IIS, Visual Studio and .net. One advantage of this is that we always are up-to-date with the latest innovative technologies. Another advantage is that our products are easily integrated to other Microsoft products e.g. Excel, Power BI and Azure Services.

3rd Party Components

Our platform tools, e.g. Dashboard Builder, Dashboards Server  and GADD Uploader, are developed using powerful 3rd party components which offers a flexibility when developing advanced functionallity.

Open Architecture

Our architecture is open in the sense that it´s possible to retrieve and consolidate data from any data source, e.g. other database engines, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics as well as public or private data sources available as services or purchased data (e.g. demographic data). It´s also easy to implement customized business rules and your company´s graphical profile.

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