Newsletter 1/2016: Take Control and Increase your Sales!


Multi-channel selling strategies is becoming business as usual in B2C as well as in B2B. Today´s product cycles are shorter and the customer´s purchase patterns develop quickly, hand-in-hand with the technology evolution. The challenge is to take control of the sales process in all channels.

At the bottom line growing your business is ultimately about knowing your customers and meet them regardless of sales channel. Very likely you have a large potential of doing this! You only need to use your critical sales information in a smart way. But most likely you are trapped in an IT structure that doesn´t support your business needs.

Let us give an example; the modern e-commerce platform doesn´t talk to the old ERP from early 2000. Likewise POS (Point Of Sales) data is not combined with customer card/membership data in your CRM system. Silos of data is even today 2016 the common information structure, and if you don´t break up these silos your business might be dead 2017!

Add-on sales, cross sales, strikes, conversion rate, product views, basket analysis, average ticket and campaign monitoring. You name it! We have it!

We can provide you with the right insight and tools for your business. Sales Analytics is our solution for analyzing sales for in-store shopping as well as e-business and e-mail marketing.

It´s affordable and smart, and will help you to take control of your sales data in your quest to increase your sales!
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