Operative BI for all your employees!

If you are a super size multinational enterprise and want to get challanged by a super competent and experienced small size company then you have found the right partner.  Our largest client has about 200,000 employees!

Here are some of the problems we can help you to solve:


You want your BI available on the web!With our dashboard concept it is available on all devices via the web browser.
You don´t want to pay costly license fees!Our price model for many users is “breathtaking”. Challenge us!
You don´t want to be the one who invents the wheel again!We do BI improvement with the strength of Sweden’s largest multinational company and their amazing expansion and growth.
You want your BI investment to be available for all your employees.Our web based dashboards will make it happen.

What do we want you to experience?

  • Smooth integration and customized to your requirements.
  • Quick implementation and return on investment.
  • Easy to use and available for all employees. If you have more than 100,000 it´s good!
  • True operative business intelligence.
  • User directory to restricted dashboards and statistics on usage.

More Information:

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