Weekly KPI of In Store Logistics

KPI Overview and Inspect

Customer Story

In many retailing businesses the key to profit is the logistics. Optimize the logistics to maximize throughput and to minimize lead-time and costs. Weekly KPI review is often a good interval. Daily basis can be too short and a month is too long. We want to have the KPI in an overview to compare between stores and visualize trends. When we see a red light on a KPI we want to drill-down and find out the cause of it.


  • Every week the needed data is automatically retrieved from all stores and KPI’s are calculated and saved in the GADD Data Storage that uses an MS SQL Server for common use.
  • Common KPI dashboards are available via the Intranet and we can compare KPI’s for stores and display individual stores.
  • The KPI dashboards are interactive and you can start on aggregated overview and drill down on store, product area and product.
  • It cannot be easier, quicker and more efficient.


  • KPI values available from aggregated country level all the way down to product level.
  • Supporting different flavors of drilling down a KPI.
  • Enable customized dashboards for detail analysis to a low administrative cost.


  • The weekly KPI concept has been used for more than 10 years by more than 200 stores and 20 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
  • Earlier versions did use MS Access and MS Excel both for storing, displaying and analyzing data. Using MS Access and MS Excel has advantages but also disadvantages and limitations.
  • The latest version of the weekly KPI concept uses MS SQL Server as data storage and web based dashboards for displaying and analyzing data.
  • There are approximate 20 KPI’s and primary levels are; country & store, week, product service type, and business area.
  • Drill-down on KPI focus on product area, product and day.
  • Common KPI goals exists and can also be defined on country and store level.