The Morning Report

Preparing Today’s Work

Customer Story

When you come to work in the morning you want all information to be available automatically. Or you may even want all information be available on your way to work. You do not want to start the day by retrieving data from your BI system. You want the morning report available on the tip of your fingers in beautiful and interactive dashboards and via your smartphone, tablet or computer.


  • Every morning the most important reports are scheduled to be automatically executed and all data is saved in the GADD Data Storage that uses an MS SQL Server for common use.
  • Common dashboards are available via the Intranet and can be used via smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • The common dashboards display the information in a personalized way according to your latest used criteria’s which makes it super quick for you to get directly to the information you want.
  • The dashboards are interactive and you can drill down, up, sideways and filter on any of the elements. You can even export the data to e.g. MS Excel if you see value in that.
  • For the BI expert all is prepared. GADD Dashboard Builder can be used to create dashboards and also other BI tools can easily be used to connect to the GADD Data Storage for ad-hoc analysis.


  • Get data from all store sales systems (locally deployed) and consolidate into one data storage.
  • Data consistency of the consolidated data storage.
  • Interactive dashboards available on all devices; smartphone, tablet, computer.


  • The morning report concept includes approximate 20 reports and has been used for more than 10 years by more than 300 stores and 30 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
  • Earlier versions did use MS Access and MS Excel both for storing, displaying and analyzing data. Using MS Access and MS Excel has advantages but also disadvantages and limitations.
  • Earlier versions were deployed both on country level and store level. The advantage was flexibility. The disadvantage was the cost in form of administration and limitations in consolidation of data.
  • The later version are deployed on a country level and has significant advantages concerning cost, usability, maintenance and management.
  • The latest version of the morning report concept uses MS SQL Server as data storage and web based dashboards for displaying and analyzing data.