Sales via all Channels

Internet and via Store

Customer Story

The sales units in the country consist of several physical stores and one unit for the Internet. The sales systems are separated. Each physical store has its own local sales system and database. The Internet unit has a newer sales system of a different brand. We want to get the consolidated sales from all sales channels and display it in one dashboard so that we have the complete sales in one view. We also want to include the budget information that has been defined and stored in an MS Excel file.


  • Get sales data from different data sources and consolidate into one data storage.
  • Include budget information on store, business area and day level that are stored in MS Excel file.
  • Publish the sales information in web based dashboards.
  • Publish the sales information using maps. Use physical store location for sales via stores and use order information, which includes postal codes, for sales via Internet.
  • Automatically update the sales follow up dashboards every day.


  • Retrieve and consolidate data from several data sources.


  • Earlier versions did only consolidate physical sales from physical stores. And sales via customer order, which included delivery order, was separate.
  • The latest version consolidates all sales into one data storage that becomes the single source of sales dashboards.