Sales Campaign

Monitor Every Day

Customer Story

A campaign can be short or long. It can be a time restricted offer for a weekend or the X-MAS sales that starts in October, peaks late November and fades out in December. If it is only a weekend campaign we are happy with following up the result when the campaign is over. If the campaign continues for a longer time we want to monitor ongoing and optimize as necessary. We want to follow up actual sales versus goals. We want to know details of the customer’s purchase patterns. What ticket sizes, how many customers did only purchase the campaign articles and how much was the add-on sales?


  • Define sales campaign products and goals.
  • Define primary product and add-on sales products.
  • Import campaign information from external data source, e.g. MS Excel.
  • Get sales data, consolidate the data and perform calculations.
  • Automatically update the sales campaign dashboards every day.
  • Sales follow up on products and customer purchase patterns.


  • Design the interface so that it is easy enough to use and complex enough to be able to meet advanced requirements.
  • Consolidate data from different data sources.


  • Sales campaign concept has been used for X-MAS sales and for weekend restricted offers.