Re-design the Sales Area & Show Room

Increase Cross & Add-on Sales

Customer Story

Adjusted concept for the show room and sales area layout was defined with the objective to increase the cross sales and add-on sales. To confirm that the change had the expected outcome we needed to do measurements before and  after the change. We also needed a couple of stores using the old concept, as reference.

We collected all tickets during a couple of weeks before the change and similar period after the change. First we selected the tickets that where relevant, the tickets that included sales within the target sales area, and then we did market basket analysis on these tickets. E.g. ticket size, average quantity and amount and also cross- and add-on sales calculations.

All metrics were saved in a data storage (MS SQL Server) and we used web dashboards to make the result available for all stakeholders. The method was concluded to be efficient and we decided to use it on two other business areas in a new project that lasts over a longer period.


  • Verify if change of show room and sales area layout gives expected increase in sales.
  • Measure before and after the change and use other stores as reference.
  • Collect tickets (receipts) and do advanced calculations on ticket content.
  • Sales follow-up on products and customer purchase patterns.
  • Make result available via web based dashboards.


  • One store was changed and another was used as reference. Two business areas were included. The duration of this project was approximately three months.
  • Next implementation is ahead of us. There will be one store that is changed and we will use three stores as reference. The duration on this project will be 1-2 years.