Hot and Cold Areas

Physical Store Layout in Heat Map

Customer Story

A heat map is a powerful illustration, mainly used to illustrate statistics from a geographical point of view. A different usage is within sports, e.g. to show where the ball hits on the Baseball field. Regardless of the need you have the heat map makes it easy to get a quick overview and understanding of figures. One of our customers within the retailing business wanted to use it in the stores to monitor sales locations both concerning sales and stock refilling movements.


  • Creating shape maps that defined the store layout. How detailed should it be?


  • We implemented one shape map with a generic layout using a freeware tool.
  • The shape maps could easily be imported in the dashboards and used to display the metrics in this alternative heat map.
  • It was used for sales locations.



cust_story_heatmapAuthor: Per-Anders Angenius