Goods Flow Optimization

Web Dashboards Based on MS Excel

Customer Story

One aspect of optimizing the logistic flow is to reduce the number of goods movements. The most optimized scenario is to have one movement from a central warehouse to the sales location. To accomplish this we need to dimension the in-delivery volumes and the available space of the sales location. If the sales location is full we need a buffer location and that will include additional movements of the goods which is not optimal.

We did have the goods flow data available in a data warehouse. We extract the goods flow data and imported it into a MS Excel file that also included other data that we wanted to merge. The MS Excel file included functions (macros etc.) that consolidated the data and performed required calculations. The MS Excel file included the presentation and analysis functionality using mainly charts and pivots. To make the information available for users we published the MS Excel file on the intranet.

We wanted to replace the MS Excel functions (macros etc.) and improve the presentation and analysis possibilities. We built a couple of web based dashboards using the GADD Dashboard Builder and published them on the intranet.


  • Get the advantages of web based dashboards in 10 minutes.
  • Connect GADD Dashboard to the MS Excel file.
  • Publish data from MS Excel in web dashboards on the intranet.


  • Goods flow information was available in an MS Excel file.
  • We settled to keep the MS Excel file as the data source.
  • We replace the MS Excel functionality (macros, pivot, charts etc.) with GADD Dashboard functionality.
  • We connected the GADD Dashboard to the MS Excel file and created a couple of dashboards and published them on the intranet.
  • Ready within minutes!