Bakery Software BI Module

Moving Old-fashioned Standard Reports to the New Era of Interactive Web Dashboards

Customer Story

The bakery software is a classical Windows application including order management, product planning, inventory management, shipping and payment. In other words it is a small ERP system wich includs all needed functions for a company in the bakery business. It also includs a small data mart and a report module that makes it possible for the users to use pre-defined reports and also to create own reports. The reports can be printed or exported to e.g. Microsoft Excel. To push the limits a little bit further we wanted the users to be able to have access to pre-defined dashboards in the Windows application as well as via the web browser.


From Old-fashioned Reports to Web Dashboards

The system was using a Microsoft SQL Server database and since the data was saved in a data mart it was easy to connect the dashboards to the existing tables. To make it flexible we decided to create views in the database and have the dashboard connection via these views instead of directly to the database tables.

Windows and Web

The users have various profiles. Some wants to do ad-hoc analysis and have the flexibility to investigate on their own. Some wants to have the top 10 KPI’s available via the web browser to view, filter and drill-down. We configured two main solutions. One Windows application and one KPI dashboard KPI web portal.


  • Moving old-fashioned standard reports to the new era of interactive web based dashboards.
  • Dashboards connected to EPR system using Microsoft SQL Server as database.
  • Ad-hoc self-serve business intelligence via Windows based application for advanced users.
  • Top KPI’s available via the web browser to filter and drilldown. Easy and quick.
  • Product used: GADD Dashboard Builder & GADD Dashboard Server.

Author: Per-Anders Angenius