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Sales Analytics BI Module
GADD Sales Analytics is an out-of-the-box solution for analyzing your sales. Import the tickets and get all information via interactive dashboards including affinity analysis and increase your knowledge in your customers purchase patterns. Read more >>
Library Software BI Module
The consolidation of data from Oracle database, Google Analytics account, Excel files resulted in a solution where we could display a complete view of the activities and present it in web based dashboards. Read more >>
Bakery Software BI Module
Moving old-fashioned standard reports to the new era of interactive web based dashboards. Dashboards connected to EPR system using Microsoft SQL Server as database. Available for all users both via Windows application and web browser.


Today’s Sales – Inspire all Co-Workers “TV screen”
What is more inspiring than getting instant feedback on what you do? If all co-workers can get instant information on today’s sales then it will inspire them.
Sales Campaign – Monitor Every Day
A campaign can be short or long. It can be a time restricted offer for a weekend or the X-MAS sales that starts in October, peaks late November and fades out in December.
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Re-design the Sales Area & Show Room – Increase Cross & Add-on Sales
Adjusted concept for the show room and sales area layout was defined with the objective to increase the cross sales and add-on sales. Read more>>
Sales via all Channels – Internet and via Store
The sales units in the country consist of several physical stores and one unit for Internet. The sales systems are separated. Each physical store has its own local sales system and database. Read more>>
Hot and Cold Areas – Physical Store Layout in Heat Map
A heat maps is a powerful illustration. It makes it much easier to get a quick overview and understanding of figures to monitor sales locations both concerning sales and stock refilling movements. Read more>>


The Morning Report – Preparing Today’s Work
When you come to work in the morning you want all information to be available automatically. Or you may even want all information be available on your way to work.
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Goods Flow Optimization – Web Dashboards Based on MS Excel
One aspect of optimizing the logistic flow is to reduce the number of goods movements, e.g. one movement from a central warehouse to the sales location. Read more>>
Weekly KPI of In Store Logistics – KPI Overview and Inspect
In many retailing businesses the key to profit is the logistics. Optimize the logistics to maximize throughput and to minimize lead-time and costs. Weekly KPI review is often a good interval. Read more>>


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