Choosing BI Concept for your Company

monolithic-vs-compsiteChoosing the right BI Concept can be tricky! And as it often is a major investment to decide on, you have everything to gain from analyzing all aspects of it, e.g. existing technical platform, other IT systems used in the company, current needs and future challenges.

As we see it there are two major paths to choose between. Let´s call them “Monolithic Tool” and “Composite Intelligence”.

Monolithic Tool

The “Monolithic Tool” is characterized by traditional BI products developed by large IT companies. These tools are often very extensive regarding functionality, but the closed architecture causes problems. For example you will probably experience difficulties with integration to your company´s existing IT platform and other IT systems. And not seldom BI silos are created supporting the immediate demands from each department, but making data consolidation difficult.

Likewise you might discover difficulties to customize the tool to match your specific needs. And quite often you are flooded with functionality you don´t need, while missing out on features that are critical for your business.

Composite Intelligence

GADD Software has chosen a different and for our customers more affordable and smart path to go, i.e. “Composite Intelligence”. Our BI concept combines the best from three worlds; Microsoft Technology, powerful 3rd party components and an open architecture. This allows us to customize your BI solution to excellence and integrate to perfection!

With our concept you don´t have to make a total makeover of your existing IT platform – you invest only in the functionality you need. And since it is an open architecture it´s possible to retrieve and consolidate data from any data source, e.g. other database engines, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and also public or private data sources available as services or purchased data (e.g. demographic data). It´s easy to implement customized business rules and your company´s graphical profile.

Our solutions are user-friendly and proven to be appreciated by managers as well as co-workers in the daily operations in one of Sweden´s largest retail companies. So, what do you choose? The “Monolithic Tool” or “Composite Intelligence”?

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