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Newsletter 1/2017: Analyzing too much, or too little!

Young unhappy businesswoman crying behind her laptopWhen analyzing data there are two main pitfalls; analyzing too much and analyzing too little. But, do not dispair! We are keen to help you!

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Sales Analytics and Multi-channel selling

New video!
In this new episode of “A Better Way” you will meet Jane. She is a happy Sales Manager at a large retail company that recently implemented a multi-channel selling strategy. They have just agreed on the main KPI:s for growing the business; “number of visitors”, “conversion rate”, “average ticket” and “add-on sales on the most profitable products”. Now they are going to use these in the coming marketing activity. And to follow up the marketing activity they are using Sales Analytics!

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Newsletter 1/2015: A Better Way!


In this year’s first newsletter, A Better Way!, you can read about:

  • New video series “A Better Way!”.
  • New release: GADD Sales Analytics 1.5.

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