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Newsletter 1/2017: Analyzing too much, or too little!

Young unhappy businesswoman crying behind her laptopWhen analyzing data there are two main pitfalls; analyzing too much and analyzing too little. But, do not dispair! We are keen to help you!

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Enjoy our new video about our vision, concept, idea of BI and more!



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Newsletter 2/2016: BI – The Way Forward!

free-ticketOur BI solutions are user-friendly and highly appreciated by managers and employees in the daily operations of one of Sweden´s largest multinational retail companies. The success is due to our BI concept, designed to keep up with the rapidly developing retail sector, including physical stores and online.

Come visit us at the e-commerce fair in Kista, May 11 and 12 in stand D:09, and we will tell you more about our BI concept and Sales Analytics, our solution for analyzing sales!

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Hope to see you at the e-Commerce fair in Kista!

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Newsletter 1/2016: Take Control and Increase your Sales!


Multi-channel selling strategies is becoming business as usual in B2C as well as in B2B. Today´s product cycles are shorter and the customer´s purchase patterns develop quickly, hand-in-hand with the technology evolution. The challenge is to take control of the sales process in all channels.

At the bottom line growing your business is ultimately about knowing your customers and meet them regardless of sales channel. Very likely you have a large potential of doing this! You only need to use your critical sales information in a smart way. But most likely you are trapped in an IT structure that doesn´t support your business needs.

Let us give an example; the modern e-commerce platform doesn´t talk to the old ERP from early 2000. Likewise POS (Point Of Sales) data is not combined with customer card/membership data in your CRM system. Silos of data is even today 2016 the common information structure, and if you don´t break up these silos your business might be dead 2017!

Add-on sales, cross sales, strikes, conversion rate, product views, basket analysis, average ticket and campaign monitoring. You name it! We have it!

We can provide you with the right insight and tools for your business. Sales Analytics is our solution for analyzing sales for in-store shopping as well as e-business and e-mail marketing.

It´s affordable and smart, and will help you to take control of your sales data in your quest to increase your sales!
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Choosing BI Concept for your Company

monolithic-vs-compsiteChoosing the right BI Concept can be tricky! And as it often is a major investment to decide on, you have everything to gain from analyzing all aspects of it, e.g. existing technical platform, other IT systems used in the company, current needs and future challenges.

As we see it there are two major paths to choose between. Let´s call them “Monolithic Tool” and “Composite Intelligence”.

Monolithic Tool

The “Monolithic Tool” is characterized by traditional BI products developed by large IT companies. These tools are often very extensive regarding functionality, but the closed architecture causes problems. For example you will probably experience difficulties with integration to your company´s existing IT platform and other IT systems. And not seldom BI silos are created supporting the immediate demands from each department, but making data consolidation difficult.

Likewise you might discover difficulties to customize the tool to match your specific needs. And quite often you are flooded with functionality you don´t need, while missing out on features that are critical for your business.

Composite Intelligence

GADD Software has chosen a different and for our customers more affordable and smart path to go, i.e. “Composite Intelligence”. Our BI concept combines the best from three worlds; Microsoft Technology, powerful 3rd party components and an open architecture. This allows us to customize your BI solution to excellence and integrate to perfection!

With our concept you don´t have to make a total makeover of your existing IT platform – you invest only in the functionality you need. And since it is an open architecture it´s possible to retrieve and consolidate data from any data source, e.g. other database engines, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and also public or private data sources available as services or purchased data (e.g. demographic data). It´s easy to implement customized business rules and your company´s graphical profile.

Our solutions are user-friendly and proven to be appreciated by managers as well as co-workers in the daily operations in one of Sweden´s largest retail companies. So, what do you choose? The “Monolithic Tool” or “Composite Intelligence”?

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Thank you for reading!

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Sales Analytics and Multi-channel selling

New video!
In this new episode of “A Better Way” you will meet Jane. She is a happy Sales Manager at a large retail company that recently implemented a multi-channel selling strategy. They have just agreed on the main KPI:s for growing the business; “number of visitors”, “conversion rate”, “average ticket” and “add-on sales on the most profitable products”. Now they are going to use these in the coming marketing activity. And to follow up the marketing activity they are using Sales Analytics!

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Newsletter 4/2015: Analyzing your sales is easy!


During spring and summer we have been working hard to further develop Sales Analytics Express, our out-of-the-box product for analyzing sales. The result is a powerful tool using your existing receipt and order information. And it cannot be easier to get started!

Read more about Sales Analytics Express in GADD Newsletter 4/2015!

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Black Cyber Time!


Making the right choices in time requires the right questions with correct answers in time. With the most important weekend of the year coming up we ask you: Are you asking the right questions and getting the responses you need to make the right choices?

When you planned cyber weekend of 2015 you probably asked yourself the following:

  • Who, Where and When is your target audience?
  • What will be a good offer?
  • What trends to ride and avoid?
  • What targets to set?

Now to the interesting part. How did you go about to get the answers to your questions and how will you track your performance during Cyber Weekend? Is there a system where you can do both? In near realtime?

Our modules are designed to take care of your questions and provide you with the right answers without any delay.

Any questions?

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Newsletter 3/2015: Operative BI is Priority!


In GADD Newsletter 3/2015 you can read about:

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Newsletter 5/2015: Why Measure?

Why, where, what, who and how? What is this fuss about measuring really about?

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Merry Xmas!

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